If you have just received a refusal of planning permission then there is no time to waste. We can advise on appeal procedure and the best case to make in order to gain planning permission on appeal. In addition we will review the case and advise on strategy and options to take your project forward. Contact us for advice.

If you have received a delegated refusal (the planning case officer refused your application) then the ‘appeal’ route is to the Local Review Body.

We have been called in to assist following the refusal of planning applications and have been very successful in persuading the Local Review Body to overturn the officer’s decision. We understand that the refusal of planning permission is frustrating and can have knock on effects, particularly if it halts your business activity. We recently had two separate examples of day care businesses that had been operating for a number of years. Due to differences between planning requirements and the Care Inspectorate legislation, both were required to obtain planning consent. We were successful in gaining planning consent from the LRB for one, and a retrospective approval for the other - allowing both businesses to maintain their child minding services.

If your application was refused at Planning Committee/Board level in Scotland, then the appeal route is the Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA). Your appeal would be decided by written submissions, hearing sessions or public inquiry. We have extensive experience in writing persuasive appeal statements and our Directors have successfully appeared as Expert Witnesses on many occasions at Hearing and Inquiry Sessions.

There are other circumstances in which appeals can be made - Contact us to discuss any questions you may have.

While we would prefer to be involved in the original application process in order to negotiate on your behalf before the decision is made, we are happy to join the process at whatever stage you consider you need us.